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  • 19 January 2011: New pictures of Piens pups, with their eyes open now. They opened them quite soon, on the 10th day already. A real fotoshoot was made. All the while Pien kept a watchful eye on her pups.
  • 15 January 2011: Caatjes pups are 4 weeks old now and exploring more and more of the world. Their teeth are also there and they've enjoyed their first meals of meat. Mother's milkbar and sleep are still their main interests, with a little horsing around in between.
  • 8 January 2011: New pictures of Piens litter, 1 week old. They doubled their weight just like they were supposed to do.
  • becoming real dogs now, they look a bit like those wind-up toydogs, clumsily walking around, patiently (or a bit stupidly actually ;-)) standing when they get to the wall of the box still wanting to go forward. I did hear a few bark-like sounds, but mostly they sound like little ducks, doves and sea-gulls.
  • 4 January 2011: I am still having difficulties uploading the site, but I managed to put up some pictures of the B-litter and C-litter.
  • Caatjes pups are doing great, they've opened their eyes on New Year's day, but are still mostly drinking and sleeping as are Piens' pups.
  • On the 30th of December Pien gave birth to three female puppies, all miniatures. She is so glad to finally having her own pups, Caatje on the other hand was quite vexed that she no longer is the only one with pups.
  • On Friday the 17th of December Caatje gave birth to five pups in little over two hours. Two miniaturesize and three, so tiny, will probably be rabbitsize. All seemed well, but unfortunately one tiny brindle male has passed away. Three of the pups are red and one female is black & tan.
  • I am having difficulties uploading my site, pictures and more news will follow later.
  • December 10, 2010: Today the ultrasound showed that Pien is carrying pups too! So we'll be having two litters two weeks apart. Next week Caatje will deliver her pups and around New Year's eve Pien will have her litter.
  • November 17, 2010: Both Caatje and Pien visited a dog last month. There will be pups of Caatje as a result of her visit. We'll have to wait a few more weeks to see whether Pien will have them too.
  • September 18, 2010: Tefka also passed the Blood Tracking Test in Germany. This was the first time for her owner to participate in such a test and the uncertainty whether they we still on the right track hit got to him and unfortunately his feelings were transferred to Tefka. Blood tracking is hard because both handler and dog have to work like a team, depend upon each other and have to trust one another. Tefka got 50 points, 3rd Prize.
  • September 12, 2010: Pien passed the Blood Tracking Test (SchwhK) in Germany with 85 points, 1st Prize under very difficult circumstances. There were a lot of deer in the area, we passed several spots where they just had run away and the leash got entangled many times in the undergrowth and branches. Pien however consistantly showed me the spots of blood she found so when it was hard I knew we were right on track.
  • August 7, 2010: Tefka passed the Water retrieval test in Belgium today. Last year to Bobs and mine surprise she refused to retrieve the duck during the trial, this time she also showed the judges that she really likes this job. She was given the maximum points, 1st Prize.
  • July 24, 2010: For the first time again in a year we went to an exhibition. In Liège, Belgium, this time. That Pien a beautiful dog is who knows how to present herself was again proven today: not only did she slay the champion bitch, but she was also named 3rd most beautiful Working Dog of the day!
  • June 18, 2010: Today we received word from the FCI that Floor has been awarded with the title of Internation Champion.
  • June 12, 2010: We received a copy of the magazine De Jachthond (the Hunting Dog) with an account of the Rabbit Track and Retrieval Test of May and a picture of a majectically looking Pien as winner.
  • May 8, 2010: No litter also has its advantages. Now we could participate in the Rabbit Tracking and Retrieval Test of the Dutch Teckelclub which had to be postponed because of the snow in January. I was anxious how it would go because we never practised these last months. Thrice in fact, because Floor, Pien and Tefka were enrolled. All three did great and may add KSchH behind their name. Tefka let herself be tempted to take on a fresh scent, but after one simple correction followed the right track, took on the burrough without much ado and quickly took out the rabbit. Floor, typical Floor, ran past the burrough for one meter or so, corrected herself immediately and swiftly took out the rabbit. And Pien, little miss Pientje precise, the last one to take the test today, did everything according to the book and was the only one today to get the maximum of 100 points and was acclaimed Winner of the day!!!
  • No litter this summer. I had been so looking forward to having pups of this dog in particular! But we'll try again the next time she's in heat.
  • April 6, 2010: Floor has been awarded the German Champion VDH title
  • Pien still lets us guessing whetcher she is pregnant or not. An ultrasound will tell us more.
  • March 10th Pien visited a dog in Nothern Germany. Whether this visit will have consequences for her figure we will know in a few weeks time.
  • January 2010: These last months some tests I wanted Floor and Pien to participate in were unfortunately cancelled. However, while training for these tests Caatje, our little seesaw thingy, suddenly showed a passion for bloodtracking. Like everything she does, she runs like crazy over the track, corrects herself whithin 30 seconds and flies along. I hope by training to teach her to work more quiet and more concentrated while keeping that passion. I am very glad that the interest is there. On January 23rd she passed the gunshot test in Belgium which means that a start with working with her has been made.
  • The last weekend of April we were at the Luxembourg Clubmatch. Caatje received the title Luxembourg Youth Champion and Pien got a Luxembourg Championshippoint (LCAC).
  • 2/7/09: To those who are interested I'd like to bring to their attention an extensive study done by a German breeder about the eye illnesses PRA and Cataract in dachshunds (in Germany) and proposals for a breeding policy with regard to these illnesses.
  • 10/11/08: This morning we set out for the Ooijpolder where Tefka was to be put to the test of Giving Voice on Hare. It was a beautiful day, still a bit chilly and hazy as Tefka shortly before nine o'clock was appointed "her hare". The hare lay still in its den and after Bob had cautiously come near with Tefka the hare was chased with one stamp of a foot. It jumped out of its den, chose the corner of the field, went through some rugged bushes, jumped over a ditch, then over another ditch and then ran across a field of grass that, we learned later, had just been mown the week before. Ay! That hare sure made it tough for Tefka! But how proud our little girl made us! She immediately took the scent, gave loud 'yiefs', let no ditch and no underground keep her from following the hare for several hundreds of meters. Then she came back to Bob on the sound of his whistle. For this great achievement Tefka not only got the full hundred points and the title Spurlaut I, Excellent, she also was awarded Winster of the Day!!!
  • 7/13/08: At the Klubsiegerzuchtschau of the DTK Floor was awarded 1 Excellent and the VDH-CAC. She now has fulfilled the conditions for the title of German Champion.
  • 7/3/08: Floor and Pien were introduced to the puppy that I picked up yesterday. Floor thinks the little one a rowdy that's best to be ignored, Pien likes to play the role of the 'tough big dachsen' and bosses the tiny pup around. Caatje is okay with everything, everything is good and exciting. Floor is nice, Pien is nice, everything and everyone is nice and we are running and we are jumping and we are sooo happy ;-)
  • 6/14/08: Floor passed the Water Test in Leuth today and got the title (Wa). She just did what she had to do. Unfortunately both her daughters didn't. Pien thought it was nonsense to retrieve that duck from the water since there were enough of them lying on the bank :-( and Tefka completely ignored the floating duck during her trial, but was tireless after the official trial and kept retrieving the duck time and time again out of the water, no matter how far away it was thrown, and bringing it back nicely. Maybe the ladies fancy doing it right some other time...
  • 5/25/08: Today mother Floor and both her daughters, Pien and Tefka, each enrolled in a different class received 1 Excellent at the Hunting Dog Show in Bennekom. Floor was also rewarded Best Working Dog of the breed and got the Reserve CAC. Although rain and storm were predicted the Gods seemed well disposed to this event (or us) and it stayed dry all day, even the sun showed herself from time to time.
  • 5/16/08: In my letterbox I found the letter and the certificate that Floor was granted the title of WUT-Champion. According to the certificate she is a very special teckel, that is, she is a Lurzhaar Zwergteckel.
  • 5/11/08: We were in Postel, Belgium today where the Belgian Dachshundclub organised the SchwhK/24 (Field Trial, blood trail). They told us that a lot of deer were in hiding because of the calving season. Unfortunately Floors nose told her that it was indeed so and instead of on the ground she kept her nose high. She had to be pushed many times to stay "on track". Sweaty and relieved that we had reached every one of the woundbeds we finally arrived at the deerskin that marked the end of the track. With only 67 points Floor (and I) got third prize. She now has fulfilled all conditions for the title of International Beauty Champion.
  • New pictures of Bas. 20 months old now and a strong muscular boy with a circumference of chest of 36 cm.
  • 4/13/08: Floor got 1 Excellent, CAC and CACIB at the Braboshow in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 2/16/08: Today was Tefka's day. At the Rheinlandsiegerzuchtschau, a national show in Germany she won the title Rheinlandsieger 2008, the VDH-CAC and the DTK-CAC. Pien was placed second after her sister, with 2 Excellent.
  • 2/10/08: Floor and Pien both got 1 Excellent and VDH-CAC's at the Spezialzuchtschau in Datteln, Germany. Floor also received the DTK-CAC and now has fullfilled the conditions for the title of Welt Union Teckel Champion (WUT-Ch 2008) .
  • 12/26-27/07: New pictures from Bas and Tefka's pages updated.
  • 11/25/07: Pien got 3 Excellent at the Winnershow in Amsterdam.
  • Added on the Links page: kennel Van der Wouwer, smoothhaired dachshunds; available are 2 well socialized red puppies from excellent lineage, 1 dog and 1 bitch .
  • 11/4/07: Floor passed the blood trail test made by footprints of deer and received the Leistungszeichen SchwhKF.
  • 11/4/07: Pien got 1 Very Good in Bleiswijk.
  • 10/12/07: At the Bundessieger Zuchtschau in Dortmund Floor got 1 Excellent and the VDH-CAC. Pien got 2 Excellent.
  • From Luxemburg came the official news that Floor is awarded the title of Luxembourg Champion.
  • 9/29/07: Pien passed her first hunting trial, the giving loud voice on a hare's trail, with flying colours.
    Early in the morning we left for Hülm, Germany, in the vicinity of Kleve. It was a rainy greyish day so one would expect the hares would stay in their dens throughout the morning.
    We had lot number 3 and after testing some dogs for gunshot resistance Pien and I had to go into the field immediately. We had only walked some three meters in line as the first hare came up and ran in a straight line over the field into another freshly ploughed up field. The first dog was set to work and he did it convincingly. Unfortunately for its boss the dog came across another hare just as he made his way back, and although his boss whistled and ran to the dog, the dog kept on running further and further away.
    We got back in line and after another ten meters or so a judge called out "hare, hare". The other judges hastened to the spot that the judge had pointed out and... got their cameras from underneath their jackets: the hare lay so firmly in its den that a picture could be taken as it lay there and then suddenly came up ;-) !!!. This hare ran away and made a big curve. The dog was put on the trail and started to follow it while giving voice, but after some 30 meters or so he had lost the scent because he missed the curve that the hare took and the wind came from the wrong direction so that he couldn't find the trail again. The dog came back on its own. The boss of the first dog was still busy trying to catch his dog. Meanwhile there were hares coming up everwhere behind us. One ran close in front of a car on the road behind us but was lucky.
    We again formed a line and there hare number 3 was spotted, the one for Pien. This one, after being photographed, also ran away with a curve and quickly ran into a near freshly ploughed field. Pien being put on trail followed it under the wind and gave convincing loud "yeps". At the border of the field however she encountered some difficulties. This was due to the fact that we only practised twice and a change of the ground is a hurdle that has to be experienced a few times. But there were plenty of hares, so the other dog soon had had his 2nd hare to work on and the next one was again for Pien. Again this was a hare who ran in curves across the field, but this was no problem for Pien's nose, she followed it excitely, again this hare ran into another field, but now Pien followed it further and she was loud all the time. The judges had seen enough and put their notebooks away as Pien (perfect little doggie) made her way back on the hare's trail - her own trail - and reported back to me all excited and happy.
    We then were brought back to the central gathering spot from where one after the other participant was rapidly brought to the field and back again. There were so many hares that all of us had done the test even before breakfast. We enjoyed our breakfast in the field and then assembled in a nearby restaurant where the results were announced. Pien passed the trial with 94 points, 1st Prize and now holds the Leistungszeichen Sp/J (Spurlaut Jugend), see the Certificate on her very own Huntingresults-page.
  • 9/16/07: We had a full weekend. Today we set forth to Belgium for the annual clubmatch of the Belgian Dachshundclub. Judge Xavier van den Eynden judged Pien and Tefka both Excellent and they were qualified in 3rd and 4th place respectively. Floor got a 1 Excellent in the Working Class and could therefor compete for Best Working Dog of the Show... however because we are not yet used to enter in the Working Class and because this Best competition is not always done and because the announcements were unintelligible ...we completely missed this round ... :-(. But that aside, as usual we had a great time today visiting our neighbours down south.
  • 9/15/07: Floor passed the blood trail test today and received the Leistungszeichen SchwhK. Again she got the full 100 points, so a 1st Prize. Nanneke Snelderwaard made pictures of Floor on the trail and of Floor with the deer she had to find.
    Later in the afternoon we practised with Pien for loudness on trail of hare in the neighbourhood of Kleve. And yes... (whether she talked to the other hunting dachsies today ...???) she went completely crazy and ran after the hare and she was really really loud. We'll practise one more time and then...
  • 9/2/07: Floor received a CACL in Luxembourg today. She now fulfilled the conditions for the title of Luxembourg Champion!!!
    Pien only got a Very Good today. It was a pity that the participant walking behind us really hindered both her and me by walking on our heels...(they got a Good, by the way, so ... ;-))
  • 8/25/07: Pien was chosen as Best of Breed (BOB) in Rotterdam today!!! It began to look like she would be "the forever runner-up", but today she came out first. She was qualified 1 Excellent and so she got her first Youth CAC, then she was awarded also the CAC as she was chosen Best Bitch and then she also won the Best of Breed award. See some pictures of the CAC/CACIB Show in Rotterdam.
  • 8/2/07: Bas, Pien and Tefka are having their birthday!!! One year already, how time flies.
  • 7/28/07: In the pouring rain Floor has passed the artificial earth on fox test today and received das Leistungszeichen BhFK'95 (Bauhund Fuchs Kunstbau '95). We were with Gruppe Dortmund I. It rained so fast that the artificial burrow was flooded with water. By sticking pins in the ground and unwatering with tins they tried to keep the waterlevel low.
    But as usual Floor made me proud, once she jumped in, she couldn't care less about all that: she ran so fast through the burrow that it was hard to keep track of the feathers that were supposed to show where in the burrow she was, her loud voice would then give away that she had arrived at yet another one of the gates behind which the fox then lay.
    The judge joked afterwards that if there was a certificate for swimming (like schoolkids can get) the dogs would have gotten it.
    Unfortunately because of the rain I couldn't take pictures of the great artificial burrow that they have there in Dortmund.
  • 7/27/07: No news, but I put some pictures on the site of Floor, including some puppypictures. She hardly ever can be seen without a ball. Her life is ball!
  • 6/24/07: We were in Hamm today, at the Landessiegerzuchtschau Westfalen. I had bought DTK-pedigreebooks from Mrs. Wies and Mrs. Wicke-Kuzina would bring those books for me her. I now have all the books from 1965 up till 2000 which contain huge additional information on the ancestors of Floor.
  • 6/19/07: Tonight during our walk Pien was for the first time loud, on rabbit! First on sight, later also on trail. It wasn't a planned excercise, but her first yif-yif's really sounded like music in my ears.
  • 6/10/07: This afternoon the Dachshundraces of region Noord-Holland of the Dutch Teckelclub were held. Marjan van Driel made pictures and uploaded them to YouTube. Pien plays the leading part in film 1 and 11. And despite the loathsome ;-) attacks of her opponent in the first race Pien came in first! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B54hLxSgSSo
  • 5/17/07: For the Championshipclubmatch of the Dutch Teckelclub 7 bitches were entered in the Youth Class, under which Pien and Tefka. Pien was judged as Excellent and qualified in second place. Tefka, unfortunately very much in heat and because of that a bit fatty, was judged Very Good. Both got great judge's reports.
  • Tefka will be staying with us the next fortnight as her owners are on holiday. It's great to see the three black ladies together again. Especially Pien and Tefka have great fun together.
  • 5/6/07: At the big Europasiegerschau in Dortmund Floor got 2 Excellent in the Open Class and received the Reserve-VDH-Championship certificate. In a strong field of competition in the Youth Class Pien was qualified with 4 Excellent.
  • 4/29/07: In Luxembourg Floor was 1 Excellent and received a CACL. Pien was Very Promising and Best Puppy.
  • 4/2/07: My parents and Bas came to visit. Bas and Pien ran and froliced all day long. New pictures of Bas can be seen on his page.
  • 3/31/07: Floor did the loudness trial and succeeded with the maximum of 100 points, 1st Prize. See the Certificate.
  • 3/25/07: Tefka and her bosses took part for their very first time in a big international show, the one in Leiden. Mrs Weijenborg-Weggemans was judging and qualified Tefka as Very Promising. The first gold medal is won!
  • 3/24/07: We've been to Kleve in Germany where Pien practised for the first time on the warm trail of a hare. At first she was lead by a friend of mine, Peter, and I lead Floor into the field. But alas, when a really great hare had fled and Pien was put at his trail she ran directly through the field towards me! :-( We then traded dogs. Floor did great, she is loud and follows the haretrail as far as she can, runs through brooks and she also comes back when she needs to. To my great relief Pien showed that she did inherit some of her mothers hunting passion. On the two other trails that were offered to her she worked very well. She made no sound at all, but she followed the trail very well and seemed completely possessed by that new scent.
  • 3/18/07: Page Links (incl. pupinfo) updated
  • 3/11/07: Added information thanks to Jan and Dimmy Blom and Piet Boudewijns to the Ancestors of Floor.
  • 2/25/07: Today Pien had her first show in Germany where she got her first cup for being Very Promising. The judges report: Very appealing smoothhaired bitch with a very beautiful head and first class hair coat, at the age of 7 months already very well developed, very good topline, front- and hindquarters in movement already very stable, striding out very well
  • 2/15/07: Last Saturday Tefka made her showdébut in Veenendaal where the NTC organized a puppy- and young dogs show. She and her boss had worked very hard for this day and that was rewarded. See page Tefka's Showresults.
  • The H-litter is born in kennel Onyx Moravia! 5 bitches (4 tiger, 1 b&t) and 1 tigermale.
  • 2/2/07: Bas and Pien made their showdébut in Eindhoven today, they are exactly six months old now. Both were qualified Very Promising and got a great report. Although the judge thought Bas was actually better, Pien was awarded Best Puppy, because Bas has no "table manners" (yet).
    Floor unfortunately hasn't recovered from the biting incident yet and is still somewhat unsecure, especially when it's crowded, like in Eindhoven. She received a 2 Very Good today.
  • 2/1/07: The pedigrees have finally arrived!
  • 1/27/07: Since the website attracts a lot of visitors from abroad I launched the English and German version of it today.
  • 1/14/07: Today we walked with the Dutch Teckelclub region Zuid-Holland in the Loetbos near Lekkerkerk. The environment, the weather and all the dachshunds present were wonderful, but the biggest attraction was seeing Tefka again (see: photoslideshow walk). After having exchanged a few growls Pien and Tefka recognized each other again and during the whole walk they ran and played with each other like before. I was recognized too by Tefka with lots of squeaking and kisses. Did they recognize each other: in the afternoon Tefka was pushing against Floors' side with her nose, and for a little while, a very short while Floor lay down on her back, but as soon as Tefka reached for her nipples (she wanted to try the milkbar again!) she reconsidered with a snarl: "no way, child, you're too old for that now!" ;-).
  • 1/8/07: (Most) stitches have been removed from Floors' eye. The doctor was satisfied about the way it healed and said that she would regain her eyesight fully within a few weeks. The brain is quite capable of compensating the loss of a lens. Unfortunately the cut he had made next to her eye hadn't healed sufficiently and partly opened again when he tried to get the stitches out. Because of this she has to wear the collar a bit longer and has to get the antibioticsdrops for a few weeks more. She has more freedom though, because I was allowed to shorten the collar. She can eat and drink as usual again, but playing with the ball is still forbidden


  • 7/1/07: Pien followed her first trail today.
    The skin of a roe is dragged on the ground and leaves scent behind. At the end of the trail the skin is left behind. The dog is brought at the beginning of the trail and then you wait and see if the dog will pick up the scent and is willing to follow it to the end.
    Pien did great, she 'knew' immediately what she was expected to do and followed the trail with great interest and with her nose glued to the ground. She was in no time at the end. I am truely proud of her.
  • 1/6/07 en 12/29/06: recent pictures of Tefka
  • In the meantime I have hundreds and hundreds (no exaggeration) of pictures of Pien, but I placed less of hers on the site than of Bas and Tefka. I "corrected" that. It's funny that on some pics she has a real puppyhead but on others she seems so mature already.
  • Bas also got his own page. Today he - like a good son should at Christmas - came to visit his mother. And like old times he had huge fun with his sister.
  • 12/25/06: Pictures of Bas (wow, how black he is!). He stands beautifully for a treat, for nothing however he sits again...
  • Tefka got her own page. Just like Pien and Bas is she a really active little thing and terribly naughty. The ring-biscuits in the christmastree tasted very nice...
  • Wednesday 12/20/06, a black day:

    This day I visited a befriended breeder who has puppies. When we came in I was told that her dachshunds would probably act a bit nasty towards Floor and Pien ("I hope you can stand that"). A few growls at a strange dog who suddenly comes to your house is quite normal, just let the other one know who's in charge, but unfortunately her dogs didn't leave it at some growling and snarling when they entered the hallway. They left Pien be, but they really attacked Floor and bit her too. I was quite startled and Floor too was completely dazed (that's what I thought at the time). She had wet marks all over her back and ears, but no injuries by the looks of it...

    Thursdaymorning I noticed something wasn't right with Floors left eye, there was a strange haze on it. At the picture of wednesday evening that was sent to me by e-mail I discovered Floor had one blue and one yellow eye from the flashlight. Really scary.We went at once to the vet where it showed that the lens had ended up in front of the pupil. Fortunately that same afternoon we were able to come to professor Boevé, an eyespecialist, who confirmed the diagnosis of the vet. It turned out she was bitten in her eye and the ligaments that keep the lens in its place were irreparably damaged. I was given drops to lower the eyepressure to prevent damage to the eye itself, the lens however would have to be removed. He would do his utmost to schedule an operation for the next morning in the clinic in Utrecht. On Fridaymorning Floor was operated upon and it looks like everything went well. I do hope she will keep her eyesight and at the worst will see things a bit blurred, because she cannot focus anymore. Her recovery will take several months.

  • The harsh lesson I was taught is that not all dachsies are as friendly as mine and that it is not always wise to go and visit them. A (belated) tip I got: let the dogs walk together outside first and then go in together. Usually confrontations stay away then. Usually...

  • Pien has her own page now. She is growing fast and becomes a lot longer than her mother. In her behaviour she's a lot like Floor, but she's also - quite unlike Floor - very very naughty. Nothing really nothing is safe for this little devil.
  • update 11/12/06
    Today Bas came to visit his sisters and had to "fight" his way back into the house. Later in the afternoon Aagje (renamed Anna Tefka, short: Tefka) went with her new owners to her new home. She really likes it there (and she's already housebroken!!!).
  • update 11/7/06
    (nosy) Aagje (Ardent Arwen) is moving to Ouderkerk aan de IJssel next Sunday.
  • update 11/4/06
    Already at the beginning of October Floor had her old figure back and optimistically I enrolled her for the show in Bleiswijk. Result: 1 excellent, RCAC and the CACIB.
  • Bas (Archer's Arrow) moved out on the 22nd of October. This goodlooking chap went to live with my parents and stays in my ownership. I hope my parents will enjoy his company and that I can take him to shows in the future. Time will tell.
  • Pien (Audacious Queen) stays with me.
  • last update 10/24/06
    The pups are so active and fast that it is not easy to catch them on a picture. Here are the most recent pictures
  • page Links updated
  • 10/20/06: After endless thinking and rethinking and to the great relief of friends ;-) I finally made a choice which one of the bitches I will keep and for which one I will find a good home.


  • After some experimenting I made photoalbums per week so you can see the development of the puppies.


  • last update: 10/1/06 the pups' first acquaintance with water (they all can swimm and by the look of their tails they like it too)
  • last update: 9/22/06
    9/13/06 first attempts to make standpictures. A long way to go yet...
  • 8/7/06: page Links updated
  • The 2nd of August 2006: the puppies of Floor are born! She did it all by herself!
  • Look for pictures at the bottom of page Puppies
  • The 1st and 3rd of June Floor mated with Grandgables Onyx Obsession (short: Grand) in the Czech Republic.
  • The 31st of May 2006 the kennelname "Of Diggin'woods" was approved and registered, in plenty of time before the birth of the pups
  • Floor is in heat since the 21st of May 2006