Floor en Pien





Like so many dachshundlovers I was infected by the dachsievirus in my early childhood at home. Early in the seventies Sascha, a red longhaired standard came, saw, and conquered the house. Sascha was best buddies with our Siamese cat. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to enjoy her company for long. Only five years old was she when after a walk in the snow she developed the notorious dachshundparalysis and in those days there were no adequate treatments yet. After a little while Queen, also a red longhair, but with black earrings, took over the reign in the house and many years later she was succeeded by Queen II, a miniature black & tan longhair. When I left home Queen came to stay with me as often as possible.

For my own dachsie I have had to wait for over twenty years. Finally in 2003 it was possible for me to keep a dog. In the meantime I was converted to the smoothhairs because of Joop, my brother's Jack Russell (a smoothhaired dog does not conceal anything) and because of Queen II she had to be a miniature black & tan lady.

I already knew her name for some 20 years: Floris, after a black labrador retriever that came to stay for five weeks when Queen II was one-and-a-half years old and also after my first great love, Floris, the hero in a Dutch tv-series, that was very popular when I was around eight years old. Floris the labrador, a very well trained dog, came accompanied of a whole list of instructions and during her stay I had to make sure I used the commands she was used to. To my big astonishment Queen started to respond to those commands as well and for the rest of her life she was under ‘remote control'.

So, in January 2003 I started looking for a miniature smoothhaired b&t bitch. It turned out that she was very hard to find. The Dutch Teckelclub couldn't help me and all the breeders that I phoned (all the breeders in the Netherlands or just across the border!) had only no for sale. I expanded my search to Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. At the beginning of May I finally found a bitch, at least that's what I thought, at the German kennel Von Camman. When I called a few weeks later to make an appointment for a visit I got the disappointing message that the breeder decided to keep the one female of the litter for herself. However, she expected two more litters in June and she promised me the right of first choice of these litters. Both litters had two bitches and when they were six resp. seven weeks old I was allowed to come and make my choice! Wow, I had a choice between four beautiful little dachsies!

July 31st I drove full of expectation to Rüthen, Germany where I was hospitably received by Mrs Altmeyer with coffee and cake and a whole bunch of happy dachshunds. Of cause I let Mrs Altmeyer advise me about the pups. And o yes, one of them had definitely (at least for me) “it”. The same “it” that made people turn their heads when I was walking Queen, that beautiful self-assured headstrong elegant “who dares to dare me”-attitude. I really and completely fell for this little one:

It was meant to be: this little mouse belonged to the F-litter. I finally found my Floor. My dreamdachsie. Since August 23rd 2003 she controls my life.